Decor are objects such as plants, trees, sidewalks, fences, and many other objects that help improve the look of your town.

Types Edit

Name Cost Level unlocked Image
Alley Free 1 Alley
Sidewalk Free 1 Sidewalk
Tan Sidewalk Free 1 Tan Sidewalk
Shrub Free 1 Shrub
Small Tree Free 1 Small Tree
Small Tree 2
Square Bush 1 Town Dollar 1 Square Bush
Potted Plant 1 Town Dollar 1 Potted Plant
Tall Grass 2 Town Dollars 1 Tall Grass
Chain Link 2 Town Dollars 1 Chain Link
Chain Link 2
Chain Link 3
Tropic Bush 2 Town Dollars 1 File:Tropic Bush.png
Red Flowers 3 Town Dollars 3 File:Red Flowers.png
White Flowers 3 Town Dollars 3 File:White Flowers.png
Blue Flowers 3 Town Dollars 3 File:Blue Flowers.png
Purple 3 Town Dollars 3 File:Purple.png
Bright Blue 3 Town Dollars 3 File:Bright Blue.png